In November 2011 I climbed aboard the gratitude train and posted a Facebook status each day in regards to what I was thankful for. I so enjoyed doing it that I decided to bring our family blog back with a little twist... to devote the year of 2012 to gratitude. This will be my platform with which to journal our thankfulness throughout the year along with just documenting the daily fun that is our family! Hope you'll join me for the journey!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Sugar Wasn't So Sweet...

Last night we took Will to see the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Utah Utes in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Wow, not quite the game we had hoped for. Not sure what team that was wearing those crimson jerseys, but it sure wasn't the same team we watched win 12 consecutive games in the regular season! We were outcoached, outplayed and as a result outscored... however it was a fun night! The bands were great, an awesome choir sand the National Anthem as they rolled out a huge flag, and of course Big Al was there to entertain!

Will had a blast and I guess that's really all that matters. Campbell slept over with a friend so it was fun for Will to have a night out with just us! He's always wanted to go in the Superdome and he finally got his chance! He still proudly wore his jersey and sported his foam finger!

So until next fall... we'll leave you with one final Roll Tide Roll!

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heatherbates said...

Hello there and your blog looks great! In 3 to 4 years I will catch up with you girls and lbog along with you, until then, I will enjoy yours thoroughly!
Rock on triatholon girl!
I ran my personal best of 6 minutes just yesterday!
Love to you,
Heather B