In November 2011 I climbed aboard the gratitude train and posted a Facebook status each day in regards to what I was thankful for. I so enjoyed doing it that I decided to bring our family blog back with a little twist... to devote the year of 2012 to gratitude. This will be my platform with which to journal our thankfulness throughout the year along with just documenting the daily fun that is our family! Hope you'll join me for the journey!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Years Ago Today...

I gave birth to this beautiful 6 year old little girl...

I'm so proud to be this sweet girl's mommy... she brings such joy and laughter to our family! So in honor of her 6th birthday, here are 6 things that I LOVE about Campbell...

1. She is a leader not a follower. She never makes a decision based on someone else. She knows what she likes/wants and usually follows her own heart in life!

2. She is diligent in all she does. Whether it's cleaning her room, doing school work, helping with chores, or helping a friend she works with all her ability until the job is done! Each year her school has a "Let It Shine" ceremony which honors each child for a Christ-like trait that they possess. This week Campbell was honored with Diligence & Hard Work (whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord... Colossians 3:23). I guess this is why her teacher has nicknamed her the "queen of focus"!

3. She has a heart of service. She loves helping others. Whether it's helping a friend, letting someone take a turn before her, giving money to the poor... she almost always puts others before herself!

4. She is just plain FUNNY! She has a very quick wit and says things or does things that make us laugh all the time! I am often told I should write a book of "Campbell" stories...

5. She has a unique sense of style. She loves clothes and she particularly loves mixing and matching pieces to different outfits to make new outfits! Although I love this about her, it is probably the biggest area of disagreement I have with my younger child... especially at 9:30 every Sunday when she's getting dressed for church!

6. She is still my snugglebug! She loves to snuggle with whomever is available... mommy, daddy, Will or even Miller! She loves to get down on the floor and snuggle with him in the mornings...

Honestly, I could go on and on with things I love about my sweet girl, but I must go now to take her Raising Cane's chicken and cupcakes for her birthday lunch at school!

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet 6 year old girl! Thank you for the joy and happiness that you add to our family! We LOVE You!(Campbell's first photo as a 6 year old before school this morning)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Resting in His grip...

So today I got the call I've been dreading for 2 years... In February 2007 I had my first mammogram. I was 35 and it was time. Two days after I had it done, I got a call that I needed to come back in for some additional films/ultrasound. I went back in and was basically told that I had some irregular breast tissue on my right side that was concerning only because it was only on one side and not bilateral. The radiologist and my gynecologist decided they wanted to follow it with mammograms every 6 months. Basically, they told me that as long as there was no change in the tissue that there was no real concern. So for two years I've spent a week every 6 months in fear of what my next mammogram may show... Since that first mammogram in 2007 there has been no change... until Tuesday. I went Tuesday for another follow up mammogram and during the three hours, twelve mammogram films and two ultrasounds, I could tell that there was concern on the radiologist's face... He kept using the word benign but he still seemed more concerned than in the past. This abnormal tissue has not ever been visible on ultrasound until Tuesday. This change means that what was abnormal tissue has not solidified into some sort of mass. So today I got a call from my OB/Gyn and she is referring me to a breast surgeon for a ultrasound guided biopsy of a mass on my right breast. I have gone through every emotion today... fear, anger, sadness, joy (listening to 6 little boys playing with Miller in my backyard all afternoon)... and yet I keep coming back to one thing... the ever-present feeling of God's grip on my life. I am going this week-end with 6 girlfriends to a Beth Moore conference and it could not come at a better time. This will be a week-end of worship, prayer and fellowship with friends. I need that right now. I know that no matter what Tuesday brings that God is going to equip me with whatever I need to get through!

It's going to be OK!

I'm going to be OK!

So, tonight I am resting in the Lord's grip and finding peace/comfort in prayers that are being lifted up for me... I know God hears and I am thankful for the prayer warriors in my life! I will keep you posted after Tuesday.

Oh... and I must wish a very, very Happy Birthday to my BFF of 22 years Christa... I love you and hope you had a great, great day!!!