In November 2011 I climbed aboard the gratitude train and posted a Facebook status each day in regards to what I was thankful for. I so enjoyed doing it that I decided to bring our family blog back with a little twist... to devote the year of 2012 to gratitude. This will be my platform with which to journal our thankfulness throughout the year along with just documenting the daily fun that is our family! Hope you'll join me for the journey!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

School Days

So today it was back to school for the kiddos after a long two week break for Christmas. I remember a few years ago when I dreaded the breaks from school and couldn't wait for them to go back... they were young, they were busy and they were exhausting:)... never did I imagine a time when I'd dread them going back after a break but alas they are older, more independent and honestly a lot of fun to have around! This was Kip's year to work Christmas week and work he did! He was either at work or sleeping most of the week but the kids and I managed to have some fun! We went to two movies, roller skating, shopping, the park and of course the kids did a lot of horse back riding! Will started jumping x's and verticals during the break and is so excited with his progress! Campbell had taken a break from horseback riding while she participated in Girls on the Run and rehearsed and prepared for the Nutcracker... she was very excited to be back on Sassy and picked right up where she left off! So proud of both of them! After all the fun, I guess it's understandable that neither of them was ready to go back to school today and I was just a little sad dropping them off and not having anyone in the car to talk to! Although I must admit the sadness didn't linger too long and began to dissipate as I slid into the chair and got a much needed haircut & color! Ahhh! Plus one day of school down and it's already time for Friday! Love a two day school week for sure! Bring on the week-end!!! So today I am thankful for a short school week, week-ends and of course my sweet friend Tammy and the rockin' hairstylist that she is! And here's a lovely, no make up, I'm tired photobooth photo of the new do! Happy Friday eve, y'all!

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