In November 2011 I climbed aboard the gratitude train and posted a Facebook status each day in regards to what I was thankful for. I so enjoyed doing it that I decided to bring our family blog back with a little twist... to devote the year of 2012 to gratitude. This will be my platform with which to journal our thankfulness throughout the year along with just documenting the daily fun that is our family! Hope you'll join me for the journey!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

For the love of Pinterest...

I have a confession to make... I am completely, utterly, constantly consumed with Pinterest! Like I seriously think I may need an intervention to allow me to resume my normal state of living! Now for those of you that just asked yourself, "what the heck is Pinterest?" please, please, please think very hard before typing that word in your internet address box and above all don't say I didn't warn you when you can't help but become consumed with it because IT WILL HAPPEN! It. Will. Happen. People.

Now for my "non-pinning" friends let me share with you why I love Pinterest, First, it is the perfect place to organize ANYTHING you see, find, like on the internet. Seriously, anything from fashion to furniture, fitness routines to family fun, organizational tools to original artwork, decorating ideas to do it yourself projects, recipes to rumba tutorials, hairstyles to hamster habitats, scriptures to sewing projects... did I mention you can pin ANYTHING??? Secondly, you can follow other people's pinboards and they can follow yours. I typically log in so I can see mainly things pinned by those I follow. I LOVE seeing a pin and thinking "that looks like so&so's style or taste and upon looking at the name of the pinner realizing it was pinned by the person it reminded me of. So much fun to know your friends' tastes and be able to pick them out among all the pins to see! Anyone with me on this???

Once you find yourself glued to your computer screen, you can then repeat these words that I say over and over while "pinning"... "this is productive!" I mean just this week I've found amazing ideas for my kitchen renovation, planned meals for the week, begun planning Campbell's 9th birthday party (yes I am well aware that it's not until April but who doesn't like to be ahead of the ballgame???), created a piece of artwork for my guest bathroom, sewn a really cool camera strap cover for my camera, made another really cool camera strap cover for a friend's birthday, made yummy banana crunch muffins, redecorated my craft room/office based on one I saw on Pinterest, made a homemade king cake, done an upper body workout I found (to balance out the king cake and muffins:))... oh the list could go on and on.

so here's a little glimpse of this week's Pinterest action...

So there you have it... the confession of a Pinterest addict! Are you on the Pinterest bandwagon? If so, what is your favorite thing about it? If not, what are you waiting for? Join! You'll be glad you did but please remember that you may not blame me for the subsequent addiction... I warned ya! Now to do that laundry that I've neglected due to my Pinterest obsession... oh wait maybe there's some really cool laundry secrets on Pinterest! OK you get the picture! Happy Friday and happy pinning!

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Abby Devine said...

I am a Pinterest addict too... very hard not to be once you get on there and see what it's all about :o) Love the picture with the dates, such a neat idea!